Food in the Hood is a biweekly neighborhood dinner to raise funds for global charities.

617 Walnut Avenue
Santa Cruz, California
Click on the links below to view a slideshow from the fundraiser for:
El Andalon
Caravan for Cuba

Customers take whatever they want and donate whatever they want. All proceeds go to a different global charity each week. Ingredients are fair-trade and as local as possible, from the Farmer's Markets or backyards. Students from Santa Cruz High School sometimes help out, play ukuleles, or play with the baby chicks.
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Are you Local to
Food in the Hood?
We welcome donations of:

  • » Backyard produce
  • » Baked goods
  • » Homemade food
  • » Preserves
  • » Canning jars
  • » Plants & seeds
  • » Plant containers & flats
  • » Scraps for chickens / rabbits

FitH partners WitH:

Wide World Partners

high school students raising awareness and funds for global causes.


enabling the great reskilling through affordable small classes.

The Parent Network

how to raise giving kids in a taking world.


artisans and entrepreneurs making the practical beautiful and the beautiful practical

Transition Santa Cruz

a catalyst for relocalization

Slow Money Santa Cruz

an investor co-op for a return to small-scale agriculture & industry.

Third Paradigm

A radio thinktank about community sovereignty and regenerative economics.
FRSC 101.1 FM
Sunday 1:30pm


helping to make santa cruz into an edible oasis.
Saturday, January 19th — Voices of Angels in Jos, Nigeria

FitH Saturday at 6:30 for Voices of Angels in Jos, Nigeria

For the couple of people who are new to my list, Food in the Hood is an occasional event I put on with the help of my daughter Cassandra and her friends Fati and Jasmine. The girls get together every Monday and watch videos about global issues. We choose a charity and plan a sit-down dinner for up to 14 people, which I cook and the girls serve. People come, eat, talk, laugh, and donate whatever they want. Checks are written directly to the charities.

This Saturday at 6:30 we'll be supporting our friends Shannon and John Frediani, aka Voices of Angels in Jos, Nigeria. For more information and inspirational videos about their virtual library project, see the events we did for them on Sept. 25, 2011 and April 18, 2010. (you'll need to go to the date at the end of the webpage and click on it.)

They are again asking for donations of used laptops, which only need to have a power cord and turn on. They wipe the hard drive clean and reinstall their eGranary software. Responses can be sent to me and I'll connect you with Betty Devalcourt who's coordinating the donations.

Emmanel Ivorgba from Jos Nigeria has been granted a visa for his first visit to the U.S.! He will be in California only one week for some fundraising activities. He was the inspiration for the laptop project and subsequent peace conferences he and Shannon organized. He will be speaking at the Quaker meetinghouse on Feb 5 at 7:00 pm.


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